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    مشرف اداري الصورة الرمزية GMSlayer
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    Jul 2014
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    Game settings

    Greetings comrades

    It’s very important to be aware of the game settings

    to optimize your game and enhance your gameplay

    You can click
    options tab and see the full settings

    First the audio settings

    the audio settings are 3 master controls

    volume , sound effects and voice

    Volume controls: the level of the overall sound

    Sound effects control: the background effects like shooting sounds, etc

    Voice controls: the volume of the voice commands

    .and movement commands

    You can also change the game accent from this menu

    Video settings

    in the video settings you can control
    Simple Performance Settings

    Detailed Performance Settings and Detailed GPU Settings

    Simple Performance Settings

    includes options like GPU performance

    and CPU performance

    Where you can change these settings

    if your hardware is old and cannot handle the game graphics

    Detailed Performance Settings

    includes options

    like Simultaneous Sounds, corpse details and Particle Bouncing

    You can set these options to high if your computer

    can handle advanced graphics or set them to low to enhance the game speed

    Detailed GPU Settings

    includes options like Gore Details, Texture Resolution

    and texture filtering

    You can manipulate these to optimize performance

    or gameplay depending on what you need


    in the controls you can set almost every function in the game

    by assigning each function to a specific key

    You can select weapon keys, chat commands,

    mouse sensitivity, brightness, changing classes, etc…

    Game settings

    these are the general settings in which you can specify

    resolution, window mode, FOV Settings and mouse options

    After you are done making changes and optimizing
    your game

    you can either apply these changes

    or cancel them by pressing the correspondent key

    Good luck

    التعديل الأخير تم بواسطة GMruby ; 08-12-2014 الساعة 03:24 PM

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    Oct 2014
    مدينة البط ..
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    رد: Game settings


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    زعيم منتدى أدرينالين الصورة الرمزية abdullahhosamgp7google
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    Mar 2016
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    رد: Game settings

    Good jop slayer

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